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Discover the Best Cars for Best Winter Driving Experience

Extra caution must be taken during the winter season, more so when it comes to driving under these tough weather conditions. It is believed that one is 20% more likely to be in an accident when driving during winter than when doing so in any other season. In other words, you can bet the winter season is the toughest when it comes to navigating through the terrains. Traction, vision, and handling of the steering wheel all become harder. Never mind the bone-chilling cold is very uncomfortable. With that being said, you can bet you can make your driving experience better by investing in a good car that is designed for this weather, right? Here are some of the top-rated cars when it comes to a better driving experience during the winter season.

One fine example of a non-SUV that is perfect for this season is the Subaru Outback. For one, it is a four wheel drive that provides the best possible traction you could ever imagine hence a great navigation and an amazing driving experience for you. While there is nothing to write home about the design work, you can rest assured you will never go wrong when it comes to the functionality of your Subaru Outback both in the winter season and other seasons. This is attributed to the durable and tough materials used to make this vehicle thus can withstand difficult driving conditions.

The second top pick for the bone-chilling months of winter is the Dacia Duster, yet another four-wheel drive car that is designed to easily navigate the snowy and slippery roads that characterize this season. For starters, the 200mm ground clearance makes it a perfect match to help navigate the tough weather conditions that characterize these tough months. Add to that the comfortable interior and you are left with a very cozy solution that will keep you warm and protected against any raging storms outside. Our list will never be complete without the mention of the Volvo V90 Cross Country four-wheel station wagon.

It is a very aesthetically appealing SUV as you will discover in every website that talks about it, but this doesn’t compromise on its ability to navigate the winter challenges. It boasts a rugged design, superior quality and sturdy materials and very solid ground clearance that makes for amazing navigation during this bad and tricky weather. And we close our list of cars for the winter with the Luxurious Land Rover Discovery Sport SUV that is gaining huge popularity today more than ever before.