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How to Pass a Hair Drug Test

Although marijuana has been legalized in many states, many employers will not hire you before performing a drug test on the same and other drugs. It’s not possible to fake the results if you have been a victim of using the substance. For the drug test, you might be asked for the urine test, blood test, and the hair follicle test. With the two drug test options that is the blood and the urine test, its only possible to detect recent drug use but with the hair follicle testing its very accurate and can detect traces of marijuana consumed for even 3 months and that’s why the test is more preferred by the companies than the other two. This makes it hard for many people to Pass USA drug test when the hair follicle test is done. However, you should not panic, this is because in this article we will provide you with the tips on passing a hair drug test.

First, you need to know the factors that determine how long the marijuana traces remain in your body. Some of this factors include the level of smoking, your metabolism, and diet, fat percentage, exercise and the strength of weed taken.

Make sure that you clear your blood and hair naturally. Since the blood is what is responsible for the THC element on the hair hence you have to start by eliminating the traces in the blood by cleansing the blood. The cleansing should be done through diet and supplements. This should include taking enough water which helps the process through sweat. You can see page for more details on the hair drug test.

To pass the hair drug test you will need to do the Macujo tests. This method has been used by many people and proved to work although others claim not to work. However, the nature of the detox shampoo used and the content of the THC in the body can be the reason for success or failure of the methods. The first step for this method is to quit smoking. After the test, you can now! continue using the weed. Keep your hair damp. You will need to massage your scalp with the supplements. Then add another clear mixture to the hair and scalp and do the same as in step three. After the fourth step, the other steps includes given the mixture about 30 minutes before you wash it with the Nexus Aloe Rid shampoo and later tide liquid laundry detergent.

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