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How Technology Lies to You Everyday

Ever notice the media via TV, laptop, TABs and other digital gadgets is full of negative content? How is the media feeding this negativity to us and how is it lying on a daily basis? Read on to find out.

Consider the following options and justify:

1) Murder/Crime

Murder, kidnapping and ransoming are bold news in the media which scares the death out of us and make us want to think negative about our environment and the world.

2) Theft/Robbery

Theft – trivial or big – does happen. More of it happens in underdeveloped countries. Robberies are equally rampant and sometimes they are thoroughly planned and executed so that it takes times to find out the suspects and culprits behind the action. These are highlighted in the media, making us feel insecure.

3) Bankruptcies

Once in a while bankruptcies do happen and they become hot news in the media, damaging the image and reputation of the banks.

4) Global warming

Global warming is an issue taken up since the late eighties. Chlorofluorocarbons (or CFC’s) from industrial smoke and exhaust fumes from running vehicles on the streets seems to be the cause of the problem by depleting the ozone layer much higher up in the sky, letting in UV rays of the sun to reach us, which is dangerous for us, by warming up the global temperature so that after a specific time, a situation will arise when we will find it difficult to breathe. This is the scenario given to us since the late eighties and covers a lot on the media.

5) Shortage of natural resources

One day the natural resources on this earth will run out and we will face problems, leading us to a slow death. This is also the scenario the media wants to present to us.

6) War

Bombshells, wounded people and dead bodies in war-going countries are shown on media giving us the impression there isn’t any peace in the world.

7) Rape

Rape will always be an issue where slender and beautiful women are concerned. But the media exaggerates a bit more to make juicy stories.

Summing up, none of the news in the media does us any good other than make us think in negative terms. The media is simply lying to us.

There are cases of crimes, murders, robberies and thefts all around the earth. But there is also good happening in the world. For instance, more and more people are getting interested in self-development, bettering themselves and contributing positively to the world.

Bankruptcies do happen but we do not have to fear every time we invest in banks because the governments and the good people out there are willing to help. In most cases, even if they do happen, we will get back what we deserve.

As I said, global warming is an issue since the late eighties. Why worry about it and not concentrate on positive things around us for instance, a mug of Starbucks coffee, a bouquet of roses from your latest crush or to and fro rides on a swing at the nearest local park?

So someday there will be a shortage of natural resources. That someday hasn’t arrived yet. So why bother? Instead enjoy the mojo of life by sharing jokes and anecdotes with friends and colleagues. Have an abundant mindset and tap into the abundance of vast resources of this life.

There will be unrest and war in the world. So if we have freedom and peace, so why let the news make us feel negative? Why not reach out to the world with your inspiring messages and write self-help books in addition to the books in your niche for the greater good of humanity?

The rape of young and beautiful women will occur in the harshness of this world. But they can escape it by being cautious, candid and playing safe. It is not an issue for us to worry at all. We live in a secure place on this earth. We have homes with security alarms/watchmen. So long we are careful, the thought of rape shouldn’t make us feel insecure. We can drive to places we want and mingle with people we want but we just need to know how to be safe and secure and keep our wits.

So all the negativity in the media via the technology of TV, laptops, iPads, TABs etc. bombarded to us shouldn’t affect us negatively too. At least we shouldn’t allow it. There is much good, hope, magic and happiness out there to make us feel positive and uplifted so that we can work with Technology in empowering ways.

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